$1,200 Flight Ticket… Or Uber Ride?


Bachelor parties can be a wild weekend to celebrate the remaining carefree days before getting hitched. Several drunk night tales lead to morning regrets and the following event falls on the list of regrettable and hilarious experiences.

A man left his hometown in Alabama to celebrate his pal’s bachelor party in Nashville. The group of friends planned a college reunion before their buddy recited his vows at the altar.

They made their way to Kid Rock’s bar on their first-party night. The men got the party started hard with heavy drinking, and there was no end in sight to the continuous round of shots.

According to the man, “More shots, more beers, and somehow in my blacked-out state the beer I was holding slipped out of my hand as I was leaning over the railing on the second floor and shattered on the floor below me.”

The man added: “Well we obviously get kicked out pretty quick, and I decide that I’m just gonna call it a night and head back to the Airbnb. I was already pretty f***ing drunk at that point anyway, so it was probably for the best anyway.”

The best course of action turned out to be a questionable move when the Uber request indicated his “Home” address in Alabama — not the rented Airbnb for the weekend. A drunk mix-up ended in a long journey with an Uber driver.

The drunk fellow passed out on the ride back to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and woke up to a startling Uber bill of $1,253. As far as he remembered, the Airbnb wasn’t that far, and the sight of his bedroom was enough for him to catch up to the blurry night of events.

He was still not over the Nashville party life as his friends were still planning to stay for another three days. He drove himself back for round two, as Uber had already dug a giant hole into his bank balance.


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