1,300-Pound Bison Captured After 8 Months


A bison was captured after being on the loose in Illinois for eight months by cattle capture experts. The crew from Loose Cattle Caught was called into the Lakewood Forest Preserve by the Lake County Forest Preserves officials.

Authorities said the female bison had been on the loose in the Wauconda area since escaping from a trailer in September 2021.

Matt Noble, the owner of Loose Cattle Caught, was enlisted to help capture the bison humanely. He brought in a crew of specialists to use drone equipment, a horse and a dog to locate the loose animal. They were able to locate the bison after a few days and used a light tranquillizer with the sole purpose being to slow it down. The bison was lured into a barn using food.

“We are thankful the animal has been removed from the forest preserve safely before Memorial Day weekend when attendance at preserves increases.

“The safety of our users and the animal has been our No. 1 priority throughout this process. Bison are considered domestic livestock in Illinois, therefore roaming free in a public forest preserve is not an appropriate place for it to call home,” Lake County Forest Preserves Chief Operations Officer Mike Tully said.

The animal is currently being kept under observation at Noble’s compound while he’s in the process of contacting the bison’s owner to arrange for the animal to be returned home.


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