150 Gallons of Sesame Oil Turns Road Into Slip ‘N Slide


Every once and a while, it’s probably an interesting change of scenery when emergency response crews get a call about a not-so-serious incident. In this case, around 150 gallons of tahini sesame oil were spilled onto a roadway in Newton, New Jersey. Although funny, that doesn’t sound like an easy mess to clean up.

The oil version of a Slip ‘N Slide was responded to by the Newton Fire Department and crews worked alongside the Newton Police Department, Sussex County HazMat and Newton Department of Public Works to clean up the mess. With the help of all four teams, the mess was cleared in no time.

The Newton Fire Department posted about the incident on Facebook. According to them, the firefighters worked to keep the oil from flowing into the storm drain, preventing an even bigger situation. The fire department contained the spill until an actual cleanup crew could arrive on the scene to start the process.

After several hours, the crews were able to clean up the 140 to 150 gallons of the oil condiment that spilled from the truck. With quick thinking and speedy crews, the ultimate crisis was avoided. It is unknown as to what caused the spill to occur.


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