18 Scorpions Take a Ride in Woman’s Suitcase


Bringing a little something home to commemorate a fantastic vacation is completely normal. Most times, a keychain or fun t-shirt will do instead of a handful of dangerous insects.

An Austrian woman returned home from an enjoyable trip to Croatia and discovered a whopping 18 scorpions had been stowed away in her suitcase. Imagine unzipping your suitcase to that surprise.

Tierhilfe Gusental, an animal rescue service in Upper Austria, released a statement regarding the matter. Apparently, the woman had returned to her Natternbach home after a trip and was unpacking when she discovered a mother scorpion and 17 tiny babies in her bag.

Credit: Tierhilfe Gusental

In the news release, the animal rescuers mentioned their plan to return the scorpions to the wild in their home country of Croatia.

“The animals were secured and handed over to us. They are currently in the Linz animal shelter until they start their return journey,” the news release said.


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