500 Pounds of Cooked Pasta Tossed Along New Jersey Stream

Nina Jochnowitz, who ran for council in the town’s sixth ward in the past, shared a Facebook post with eight images of 500 pounds of cooked pasta discarded in a stream in Old Bridge. She got the news from a fellow citizen who was baffled by the sight and flagged the issue to her.

Jochnowitz visited the area to take a closer look at the mystery pasta and later spread the word in a social media post. According to her statement, the town was notified of the dumping and did not respond to the situation.

She brought the issue to the attention of the town administrator and the department of public works to see if they can investigate the cooked spaghetti. The pasta was scattered along a 25-foot-wide area and her social media followers were stunned by the discovery.

Credit: Nina Jochnowitz

Her post played a vital role in pushing for authorities to tend to the mess. Two days later, Jochnowitz followed up with a post saying that it had all been cleaned up.

Jochnowitz expressed disappointment that it took to the internet to get the town to take action but she is relieved to see it gone. She added that Old Bridge is the only town in Middlesex County that does not have bulk garbage pickup so it’s not an easy pickup procedure.

The suspects behind the cooked spaghetti dumping still remain a mystery and there was no filed police report. Cooking all of that pasta and transporting it to the stream should be punishment enough. A homeless shelter would’ve appreciated it more than the muddy stream.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/281931616284912/permalink/943128696831864/