550-Pound Alligator Found in Florida Pool

A family from Deer Creek, Florida, was in for a pleasant surprise when they discovered an alligator in their backyard pool. Only in Florida!

The over 10-foot long, 550-pound gator was taking a leisurely dip one evening when the family woke up after hearing loud noises from their home’s lanai area. The gator had torn through their screen to reach the cool, refreshing water. That is one gator that is certainly on a mission.

The family called the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, which assisted in handling the situation. They were able to get rid of the gator with the help of a professional alligator trapper.

The sheriff’s office took several pictures of the gator chilling in the water and of authorities removing the creature from the pool. They posted the images to their Facebook page with the caption: “Water Safety Month, Tip #37: Always check your pool before diving in!”

A handful of people hilariously commented on the post. One person wrote that the alligator: “Just wanted to go for a swim!”

Another user commented: “An alligator wrestler in Flip flops…you’re kidding me!”

This family might not be taking a late-night swim anytime soon.