60-Year-Old McDonald’s Is As Good As New


House renovations open up areas that have been tucked away and forgotten during the mundane daily routines. Rob posted on Reddit about his latest discovery that was found during a bathroom renovation in his home in Crystal Lake, Illinois. 

The story left people speechless with its dated purchase. His post featured a photograph of four McDonald’s bags found in his bathroom walls with the logos on the packaging showing no resemblance to the current Golden Arches. The packaging displays a mascot holding signs reading “I’m speedier” and “Custom-built hamburgers.” There were even some leftover fries for any brave souls daring to take a bite from a takeout meal that’s decades old.

Rob said: “We are currently renovating our kitchen and bathroom. While removing a fixture in the bathroom I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind plaster and pulled it out to show my wife. It was balled up and we could tell there was something else inside. When we unwrapped it and found the old McDonald’s bag and fries we were very surprised and grateful that is all we found hidden.”

This food order seems to date back to the 1950s as Rob explains how his home was built in 1959. A Mcdonald’s franchise opened up a few years before the house’s construction. Turns out, it was a celebratory meal that lasted a very long time.

“There was no smell and surprisingly no trace of mice,” said Rob. “It was such an odd find that I thought it was worthy of sharing.” Even the mice do not want the food. We don’t know whether that’s a scary or comforting thought. It goes to show the amount of processing and artificial flavoring that is involved in the production of fast-food products.

McDonald’s fries are tempting, but what were the fries doing in the bathroom walls? Were they struggling to decide between pooping and eating, then decided to do both? 


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