7-Time Felon Caught After Carrying Safe Down Michigan Avenue


The Magnificent Mile is in the news again.

A parolee known for having an extensive history of burglaries and thefts in downtown Michigan faces new charges. This time, police saw Timothy Jackson carrying a large safe down Michigan Avenue. Naturally, the safe isn’t his.

Police were notified about a burglary in progress by the owner of a nail salon. She saw someone breaking into her shop from a remote surveillance system at around 5 AM. The owner informed police that she saw a man trying to break the door open and remove the safe from its place in the office. The man headed west from Bedazzled, 221 East Grand as per the CPD report.

The cops spotted Jackson, 31, walking down Michigan Avenue a few minutes after the break in, with the safe in tow. When Jackson spotted the cops, he dropped the safe and fled from the scene. Cops arrested him in a nearby area.

Jackson was charged with burglary and must post a $4,500 deposit towards his $45,000 bail to get out of jail.

Before the incident, Jackson was on parole after he was sentenced to prison for three felony cases in June 2021. One of the cases involved punching a man in the face on the 800 block of South Wabash, causing facial and brain injuries to the victim, according to police reports. For that instance, he received 7.5 years for aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

In 2015, he also received two four-year sentences for a pair of burglaries that happened around the Loop. Jackson accrued years of credit while on electronic monitoring in jail. According to state records, he spent less than two months in prison for those crimes after time-served credits and having his sentence reduced by half for his “good behaviour.”

A few months before his sentencing, police detained Jackson for smoking at the Jackson Red Line station. He attempted to run away, but as the authorities caught him, they noted he was wearing his electronic monitoring bracelet, which was wrapped in aluminum foil to deter his whereabouts. He was charged with escape, but prosecutors dropped the case.

In 2014, Jackson also received two other sentences of 4.5 years for felony thefts. In 2013, he got two years from a person and in 2011, four years for theft. According to Assistant State’s Attorney Loukas Kalliantasis, Jackson has also been convicted of burglary as a juvenile.

Despite this track record, it doesn’t seem like the state is thinking about sending him back to prison, for now at least.


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