82-Year-Old Accomplishes the Unthinkable


Staying fit is the key to living a longer life. An 82-year-old woman took this to the extreme when she set the new world record after running 78 miles in just 24 hours.

Barbara Humbert is a great-grandmother from Val d’Oise, France. She decided to sign up for the annual French Championships held in Brive-la-Gaillarde where she broke the record for her age category. Previous, a German woman had run 65.2 miles in the same time limit. Humbert exceeded everyone’s expectations, including her own when she improved the record by over 10 miles.

Despite the incredible feat, Humbert has only been running since the age of 43. She was going to have more time on her hands since her daughter had just started preparing for her high-school graduation exam. After learning about the proper breathing technique, Humbert took the streets of Bouffémont and has yet to look back.

In the 39 years Humbert has been running, she’s participated in 137 races and a whopping 54 marathons. These include the coveted Paris and New York marathons. “I have a feeling of freedom when I run in the streets. I enter a form of meditation. I clear my mind,” Humbert said.

Humbert didn’t feel fatigued at all during the treacherous 24-hour race but it did catch up to her once she crossed the finish line. It took a few days for her to fully grasp the importance of her incredible achievement.


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