A Baby Goat With the World’s Best Hearing


Abnormal physical characteristics can be a pleasant sight in animals as their features allow them to stand out in a herd among other animals. These unusual features can add to their physical appeal.

Muhammad Hassan Narejo, a goat farm owner in Pakistan, has a newborn goat named Simba, who may break the world record for the longest ears. Currently, the ears are approximately 19 inches and they could get longer as the goat grows into its adult physique.

Simba’s ears often sweep the ground as he walked around the grass, making it easy to step all over his own ears.

Although Simba is a Nubian goat, which are known for long ears, the baby goat still surpasses Nubian standards. The cause could be a genetic mutation leading to longer ears than the average goat.

His ears don’t give off any alarm bells as he is in good health. Simba’s uniqueness could land him in the Guinness World Record when he becomes an adult with his full size. Once he’s fully grown, Simba is ready to turn heads with his floppy ears.

If the goat feels chilly at night, the owner can wrap his ears around the neck to form a warm scarf.


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