A Bear Cools Off in the Pool


A gentle giant with a love for water trespassed into a man’s property for an afternoon dive. Mike Emanuel, a homeowner from Simi Valley, California, was in for a big reveal when he peeked outside his window and spotted a figure swimming in his backyard pool. At first glance, he assumed it was a person but it quickly became apparent that the intruder was a black bear. The bear was holding onto a chlorine duck for company.

He didn’t want anyone to shoot the wild animal so he monitored it for a few minutes before calling the non-emergency line for guidance. “I said, ‘Hey there’s a bear in my backyard,’ and then they asked me if I’d been drinking,” laughed Emanuel.

It does sound far-fetched to have a bear enjoying the waters in a private residence. “It’s so dry out there… never in a million years would I think would there’d be a bear swimming in the pool,” added Emanuel. He has had other animals like raccoons, ducks and spiders but never a bear. It’s definitely a new wild animal added to his pool’s guest list.

The bear was more interested in the water than the people. It swam in the shallow waters, then explored the deep end for a short while before hopping out of the water. After the refreshing swim, the bear rubbed against a tree and left to track down its food source.

Emanuel has no issues with the bear enjoying the waters on his property. He is open to the visitor returning for another swim if it doesn’t kill him or his family. Next time, it might just be a family pool party with no tragic ending.


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