A Beautiful Day to Murder the Judge


Austin W. Irvine is a 26-year-old man eager to end up behind bars when he tried to sneak a dagger at the Volusia County Courthouse. The sheriff’s deputy found a dagger hidden in the sole of his shoe as he was going through the security screening. It was not a safe hiding spot.

Irvine entered the mandatory screening and placed his possessions into a bin to be examined through the X-ray. He was instructed to walk through the magnetometer that triggered the alerts to his feet.

Deputy Trevor Gamble requested him to walk through the magnetometer again and the same alerts went off. This time he was told to remove his shoes for the X-ray. As the shoes made their way through the machine, Gamble found a dagger tucked into the sole of the man’s right shoe.

Upon interrogation, Irvine played it off as a clueless discovery. He had no idea about the concealed weapon since the shoes belonged to someone else.

Officials did not buy the excuse. He was charged with the misdemeanor of carrying a hidden weapon into the tribunal.

Before this incident, Irvine was caught firing a shotgun at people who did not exist and it prompted officials to issue a risk protection order. Under that petition, it temporarily removes firearms and ammunition from his possession for a year as he poses a threat to himself and others.

Irvine dropped the firearms and ammunition for a sharp dagger. He might have had plans to threaten the judge if the verdict was not in his favor. The courtroom drama never ends.


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