A Bee Can’t Stand Doug Ford’s Speech


Politicians can ramble endlessly concerning promising changes and investments. Regardless of what they say, someone in the public eye will always have a problem and criticize the proposed solutions.

Sometimes it takes a bee to shut up a politician. Doug Ford’s live news conference got cut short after he swallowed and choked on a bee. The bee had enough of the ineffective chatter and flew into his mouth to put his words to rest. The winged insect allowed the viewers to witness a dramatic conclusion to the speech.

Ford was present at a small rural town southwest of Barrie to announce a financial investment of $500,000 towards the company Greenlid, which manufactures compostable, sustainable products as a safe alternative to plastic waste.

Ford grabbed his water bottle to flush the bee down. He said: “I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate.”

He took it well after snacking on a living insect. He requested reporters to replay the video footage to relive the experience. “That’s a good one. That’s the best I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Swallowing a bee could cause potential consequences in the throat and esophagus. Even though the insect cannot survive the acidity in the stomach, the swelling could be problematic. If it stings the throat and swells, it could cause an airway obstruction and trouble breathing.

Fortunately, Ford is doing well after the incident. It will take more than a bee to take this politician down.


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