A Candle That Makes You Puke


Candles are a great way to transform your home’s scent. To try to be different, several candle companies have been creating weird scents in the hopes of having a viral moment.

DW Home has become an expert in selling unusual scented candles. They’ve created candles that smell like mashed potatoes, turkey dinners and now mac and cheese. The perfect Thanksgiving meal without the dishes.

These scents can definitely be hit or miss. A few disgusted customers let DW Home know exactly how they felt about its mac and cheese candle with the reviews they left on the company’s website.

A repulsed customer that goes by the name J left a hilarious review by saying the candle “smells like someone dumped the mac and cheese flavor powder packet into a bag, farted in it, sealed up the bag, and then you opened it 50 years later and smelled it.”

Another customer named Taylor started her review with the caption: “Y’ALL DESERVE JAIL TIME.” She proceeds to explain that the candle made her gag. Her reaction also made her husband laugh so much that he soiled himself. “When he giggled and told me it was a mac and cheese candle that was causing me to almost projectile vomit, I slammed the lid in it to smother the flame and ran it out to the trash can.

“We literally had to open the windows and leave the house to go get dinner. Whoever made this deserves jail time and owes me marriage counseling,” the review read.

Despite the negative reviews, the candle still has an impressive 4.6 star rating on the DW Home website. Several people actually enjoy the aroma, with one happy customer praised as being an “astounding artisanal achievement.”


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