A Daughter Savvier Than the Cops


The trust in police officers in Bournemouth, England, wavers as people are left to fight their own cases. Thieves are lucky with the slacking cops but the victims, not so much. Victims of burglary, robbery and theft have received minimal assistance retrieving their possessions.

Harry Harrington, a 73-year-old man, had his Jaguar car stolen from the driveway overnight. Becky, his 32-year-old daughter, stated police were ineffective when they filed a complaint so she took matters into her hands by posting on social media. Becky’s posts were widespread, with over 200 shares and active posts in up to 50 groups.

During her personal investigation, CCTV cameras revealed the car was abandoned with one of its doors open. She urged officials to check the officials but their reply was “if we have the manpower.”

Becky said: “It took them over a week and a half for them to check the CCTV of where the car was found.” After the car safety inspection was complete, both of them were eager to get it back.

Becky added: “With all due respect if we were waiting for the police my dad would still be sat at home with no car.”

Passively waiting for solutions may not be the best strategy. Even though police officers have the duty to serve and protect, people may have to fend for themselves.

You can complain about the legal system or get inside it and change it. After the diligent investigative work, Becky has applied to study criminology and law at Open University. She seeks theoretical knowledge to supplement her practical experience.


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