A Dishcloth With a Side of Fries


When visiting a fast food restaurant, customers aren’t expecting perfection but they sure are hoping they get what they paid for. A man got way more than what he expected when he found his son’s McDonald’s meal was actually a dishcloth.

Martin Holmes was treating his family to a McDonald’s meal in Derry, Northern Ireland, when he made the discovery. As he was passing out everyone’s meals at home, he noticed that his seven-year-old son’s chicken wrap was nowhere to be found. Instead, a folded dishcloth was in its place.

“You don’t mind when you’re short a portion of chips or the sauces are missing. But this is another level. My son was sitting on my right and the minute he opened it, I saw the white material inside and I thought, ‘What have they wrapped this in?’ I couldn’t believe it when I saw the dishcloth. Someone in the kitchen put this in the packet, sealed it up, and put it out to go to a customer,” Holmes said.

Holmes’ wife drove back to the restaurant to explain the situation. The manager was “very apologetic” about the accident and offered them free vouchers for future meals. “My wife said he was really apologetic and really sorry about it but ultimately somebody in his kitchen is taking the hand. From a health and safety point of view, it is pathetic,” Holmes said.

Despite being a clear health and safety violation, the branch did recently undergo an inspection where they received five stars. The workers who had made the mistake were sent home but it’s unclear as to whether or not they were fired or suspended from their jobs.


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