A Disney World Ride That Never Ends


Disney World promises to deliver a magical and whimsical experience for the guests. However, they need to step up their game as riders who sat through the “It’s a Small World” ride beg to differ. It was far from magical when they felt abandoned and forgotten on a sinking boat. Their distress got worse when they were forced to listen to the song “It’s a Small World (After All)” on repeat for an hour.

A TikTok user posted a video where she was on one of the boats sinking at the Florida theme park. Her caption read: “This boat said it was not a small world. We were stuck for over an hour, the torture.”

A person commented: “please tell me they at least turned the song off 😂 did any cast members tell you what was going on? I would have panicked! 😳😂”

The original poster replied to the comment: “They didn’t realize for like 45 mins, everyone was on a boat so we sat there for about an hour stuck with the song on repeat!! TORTURE lol”

Disney World markets the ride as “The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed” with the description: “Sing along to the classic anthem of world peace during a delightful musical boat tour. Cruise along the Seven Seaways Waterway on a gentle 10-minute journey through all seven continents. Pass through vivid, fantastical scenes representing the iconic sights and sounds of dozens of nations.”

The TikTok user’s ride did not live up to the expectations. The ten-minute journey turned into an hour-long trek and the riders may have had a better view of the front passenger’s head than the rest of the setup. Peace is the last emotion experienced on a sinking boat. If this ride is a way of promoting world peace, it is a hopeless sign.

On the flip side — if families seek distraction-free bonding time, the ride made their wishes come true. Even if the boat sinks, at least people get to go down with loved ones.


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