A Ferris Wheel Is a Hot Spot for Sex


Imagine eagerly getting on a ferris wheel to witness a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the city but frustrations soon replace the wonder and amusement. The scenic views get tainted with the imagery of a couple engaging in steamy sex in the passenger car. The puzzled riders have gained themselves a front-row seat to live pornography. It’s difficult to divert the gaze from passionate lovemaking in a family-friendly setting.

For a couple in Ohio, a ferris wheel ride bought them a cramped space to explore each other’s bodies. With each spin, David Davis and Heather Johnston entertained their sexual whims for the world to witness. The 32-year-olds opted for a shaky cart over the privacy of a bedroom.

Four female witnesses, including two minors, were shocked at their indecent act on a ride. They saw the couple flashing their genitals while laughing during the sexual act. Although the couple realized other people were observing them, it did not stop them from engaging in sexual behavior. They put on an adult show that left the minors squirming in discomfort.

Upon confrontation, the couple refused having sex on the ferris wheel. Johnston claims that he bent over to pick up a pack of cigarettes. The visible nudity clearly did not support this claim, as people do not strip down to grab items.

The couple later realized that two of the witnesses who saw them were under the age of 19. They confessed to the act and officers took them to the Erie County Jail.

This couple quickly learned that a family theme park is hardly the appropriate setting for living out a sexual fantasy. Since Davis and Johnston committed a crime in the presence of juveniles, they faced charges related to a first-degree misdemeanor, which could involve sentencing up to 180 days in prison.

If they can have intercourse in a tight passenger car, prison cells are plenty of space to fulfill their sexual desires.


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