A Fish That Loves Sex Toys


Two adventurous friends, Richard Kesar and Jon Hoop set sail on the Ohio River to hunt down a blue catfish but they stumbled upon a surprise when they caught a catfish with an unusually large stomach.

This bloated fish was the first catch of the day.

“We noticed when we got it in the boat that its stomach was huge. It’s common to find other fish, sometimes turtles, muskrats, and other animals,” Kesar said.

They set the fish aside and continued with their fishing activity where they caught two more catfishes.

Kesar went back to inspect the first catch for any clues on what may be hiding in the stomach. When he applied pressure on the stomach, he felt two hard items that were most likely not eggs.

The duo took their catches home, and it was time to uncover the mystery behind that oversized fish. Kesar’s wife and three-year-old daughter were eager to find out what was inside the fish. “We decided to cut it open, and we found the foam ball, part of a fish, and the other object,” Kesar said.

The mystery object was an adult sex toy that the fish swallowed in the ocean. Eating other sea creatures was not as appealing as the sex toy for this particular fish.

Kesar added: “I have no idea how or why it ended up in the river.”

His daughter never found out what was hidden inside that fish. It was a toy that was beyond her age. Kesar said: “When it came out Jon, my wife, and I started laughing. My wife immediately covered my daughter’s eyes and turned her away from it.”

Children are persistent, and she kept asking about the object. Her parents shrugged the question because they were not prepared for the sex talk with a toddler.


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