A Large Bird Saves the Day


Police officers could use public assistance in catching suspects. In this scenario, a large bird with protective mommy instincts came to the aid in the criminal chase.

The chase began when a hotel chef ran after two suspects who fled a crash in Malmesbury, England. Initially, the vehicle swerved across the road and crashed into a shop. The chef thought a driver lost control of their car but both suspects abandoned the vehicle and ran away.

The chef chased them down on foot and ran for approximately fifteen minutes. Then the driver sought to escape but an Emu was nearby when she felt threatened by the incident and intervened to teach him a lesson.

Dean, an executive chef at Old Bell Hotel, said: “The mother obviously felt threatened and proceeded to attack him. I’m a fisherman, and I have been around Swans when they are with their young and I know how protective mother birds are so I thought, there’s no way I’m going in there. They are massive.'”

The large bird had an intimidating presence and obstructed the driver preventing his escape. He fled the car crash only to be smacked to his senses by a mother bird. This face-off was enough time to stall before the cops arrived at the scene.

The store where the car crash occurred had to be closed for a few hours and emergency services arrived to mitigate the situation.

The moral of the story is sometimes it’s worth staying in the car after a collision. You don’t want to greet the cops an hour later with a bruised face from battling an angry bird.


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