A Man Has Been Spelling His Name Wrong All His Life


Your name is one of the special things that make you who you are as a person. A 61-year-old man found out that he’s actually been spelling his name wrong his whole life after viewing a copy of his birth certificate.

According to the official document, Allan Grainger has been spelling his name with two L’s instead of one. That means his driving licence, wedding certificate and even two tattoos inked on his skin all have his incorrect name on them.

Grainger’s daughter, Mya, posted a video on TikTok that captured the moment. The video clearly shows the birth certificate and Alan’s name spelled with one L.

Grainger insists that the mistake have been made when the birth certificate was filled in. Apparently, even his parents always spelt his name with the double L. 

“I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been spelling my name like that all my life. When my daughter said that I thought she was winding me up. I was dumbfounded and just couldn’t believe it.

“I think it was a mistake on the birth certificate because my mum wouldn’t let me go through school spelling my name like that. I’ve got two tattoos with my name on it, one on my arm and one on my hand. I’m not going to start changing it now, I don’t see what difference it would make now,” Grainger said.

Maybe it’s worth digging out your birth certificate just to see if it was filled out correctly.


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