A Patio Vanished Into Thin Air


Imagine a long day of running errands and you unlock the front door to your house only to discover that the patio setup is missing. Laurie Penny, a perplexed homeowner in London, went shopping for a few hours and came home to find all her patio tiles removed and her furniture stacked up to the side.

On social media, Penny tweeted: “Dear @IslingtonBC- this is awkward, but yesterday, I had a patio that I quite liked. This morning I popped out to the shops for a couple of hours, and now it’s- …well, um, it’s gone. I know you’re busy, but could you tell me who took my patio, and perhaps also why?”

In a follow-up tweet, she confirmed: “Thieves don’t generally tidy up afterward. Or stack the furniture so neatly.” The city council was the culprit behind the missing furniture.

Did the council steal patio supplies to host an outdoor meeting for their proceedings? Isn’t it the council’s duty to protect the community? It’s more about miscommunication than ill intent. Shortly after, it turns out the council needed to repair a leak at the property. The update regarding the maintenance repair job reached Penny after the contractors completed the project.

The update was too late but perhaps the council assumed better late than never. A spokesperson from the council said: “The resident should have been contacted by the contractor in advance of the work taking place but, regrettably, this did not happen. The council has reached out to the resident to apologize, to discuss any concerns, and to reassure her that the patio will be fully reinstated.”

Penny is thrilled by the turn of events as she joyfully stated, “By next week I should have a new patio!”


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