A Penguin Crashes a Wedding


Marriage is a wild adventure that two people embark on with high hopes and animals can help people kickstart their new life with a special touch. After all, how many couples could reflect on a penguin gracing their wedding venue with its loveable quirks?

Angela’s Premier Event Designs is an event planning and decor company located in Dayton, Ohio. The team posted a TikTok video of their bride at her wedding, which included a penguin named Mira running toward her to greet the lady on her big day.

The bride was ecstatic to see Mira and bent down to get on the same level. The ladies bonded over her dress as Mira tapped on the white tulle with an approving gesture. The pair looked like long-lost friends that were reuniting after some time.

In some cases, it’s not the tangible decor that makes the experience unique but the warm presence and strong emotions felt in the moment that takes it to the next level. Penguins are symbolic of the couple and their union as one. They couldn’t have had a better guest.

Angela Lemke, the owner of Angela’s Premier Event Designs, said: “They actually had their first date at the Cincinnati Zoo and penguins are her favorite animal. When they started planning their wedding and met with me, we were hooked on their Zoo/Star Wars theme!”

Some brides might feel enraged with the comparison of their wedding to a zoo but this couple cares more about the animals than the extravagant altar. The bride expressed joy saying, “this was the BEST part of her day. The best part was the cost goes right back to the zoo for the care and conservation of animals so it’s a win-win!”

Lemke added: “This moment we captured was during a private meet and greet with the penguin. The couple was overjoyed to get to spend some one-on-one time with the penguin! After their meet and greet, the handlers walked the penguin around during the cocktail hour.”

It’s safe to say that Mira stole many hearts that day. The bride may have had a more dramatic reaction to the reveal of the penguin than the groom.


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