A Queen Not Worthy of the Title


Everyone loves listening to juicy royal drama. The Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival had a dramatic turn of events when the queen was kicked off her throne ten days before the festivities.

The honorary queen has to act as an ambassador of the festival and her royal behavior should exude a positive impression. As per her duties, she has to be present for the three-day event as she launches the event with the ceremonial first bite of sausage.

Abigail Brocwell, a 21-year-old who won the title of queen, did not read the rule book and broke the traditions, resulting in a disapproving Board Committee. She couldn’t keep her appetite in check and attended a luncheon organized by another food festival.

According to the festival board, this attendance is a non-compliant act displayed by the Bucyrus Bratwurst Queen, and she lost her crown as a consequence. They said: “By attending the Baltimore Festival Queen’s Luncheon, you took the place of a royalty court member who was designated as an official representative of the Bratwurst Festival. This negatively impacted that representative and the image of Bratwurst Festival.”

The crown made its way to the runner-up of last year’s festival, Natalie Stover.

Brocwell was unhappy about losing her status, and she will not step down without a legal battle. She pulls a defensive stance where she states that she didn’t break any rules in an official capacity. “They wrote my name down and wrote ‘visitor’ underneath it and we paid with our own check,” Brocwell argues.

As supporting evidence, there is a letter from Danay White, the pageant/queen’s director of the Baltimore Festival. Brocwell knows one of the Baltimore Festival’s court members well and asked White if she could show up to the luncheon as an ordinary guest without the title.

The extra luncheon sausage proved fatal to her position on the throne. The court will decide if the drama queen gets the crown back or not.


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