A Side of Marijuana With the Meal


A man in Columbus, Ohio, had a surprise item added to his DoorDash delivery. It wasn’t extra fries or an additional sandwich. He found marijuana at the bottom of a bag of food. Was this a restaurant special or the drug for the driver’s evening plans? Either way, this man was caught off guard with the cannabis.

“I was scared at first but then again, I wasn’t very surprised,” said the DoorDash customer.

The driver left the residence after the delivery. After a short while, the driver returned to the house and asked for the drugs. “He would give me my money back and refund me my order if I gave him my entire bag back because he claimed that it was medicine in the bag for his friend that was to be used for medical reasons,” he said.

The customer refused to hand over the bag of marijuana and he called the police to take over the matter. Columbus police noted that this is the first time that they heard of drugs in a delivery food order.

He also submitted a complaint to DoorDash to inform them about the issue. A DoorDash representative contacted the man to discuss the delivery. The email from DoorDash read: “We do not condone this type of action and have therefore taken the step of removing them from our platform. This Dasher will no longer be able to deliver future orders on DoorDash.”

The customer is worried about drug abuse related to young adults. “I think about the kids. I have a nephew. I think about my coworker. He has granddaughters and grandsons,” he said.

He added: “It’s scary because I’m a healthcare worker and I see how this affects people every day. I even have a close friend whose nephew actually passed away due to smoking some marijuana that was laced by fentanyl.”

This customer is hesitant to continue ordering via DoorDash in the future. He doesn’t like free stuff, especially if it’s drugs.


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