A Walrus Is Sinking Boats for Satisfaction


Fame comes with a growing number of loyal fans and haters. You do not get one without the other.

A walrus named Freya gained the spotlight after making herself at home in Norway harbors. She is not a light visitor since she has an intimidatingly large presence of 1,500 pounds. Freya finds it relaxing to lounge on boats and she does not go unnoticed in the crowds.

A few boat owners have reported that they want Freya off their boats as they are not equipped to accommodate the marine mammal.

It is not all harsh criticism as people had welcoming responses to Freya’s behavior. They were happy to see the amusing character in action.

Freya could care less about the reactions as she wants both groups of people gone. She craves to be left alone because the attention from the crowds of people has been overwhelming for her. Let us not be hypocritical — we would not like strangers staring at us while we lounge our overworked selves by the television. Freya needs some stress-free privacy.

Aae, a researcher at the University of South-Eastern Norway, said that television reporters position themselves too slowly to Freya in their boats. It is not just the media attention as officials have sprayed her with a hose to restrict her from staying on the boats.

“She needs to relax for up to 20 hours. When she is constantly stressed out by people and their presence, it is not good for her,” Aae said.

Although the walrus did not sign up for the life of a superstar, people are mesmerized by her personality.


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