Abandoned Kitten Turns Out to Be Baby Fox

A California resident discovered an abandoned “kitten” only to find out it was actually a baby fox. The woman brought the animal into her home thinking she was doing the frightened creature a favor.

The Rocklin Police Department wrote in a Facebook post: “A Rocklin resident got quite a surprise last week after realizing a tiny ‘kitten’ she had rescued turned out to be a fox kit.”

Authorities reported that animal control was called after a concerned family member identified the animal as a fox kit, which is definitely not a kitten.

The fox kit was taken to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, a local animal rescue facility, where it will remain until they deem it fit enough to return to the wild.

In their post, the Rocklin Police Department suggested different steps to take in case you’re faced with an injured or orphaned animal. Checking out the local animal rescue rehabilitators in your area is a good start. It’s also important to keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place away from children and other animals or pets. Then either call or transport it to the nearest wildlife rehab center immediately.