Abort Mission: Ghost Hunters Do Not Want to See Scary Ghosts


Tony Ferguson is a paranormal investigator in the United Kingdom who tours sights with his team that is mysterious with their haunted claims.

The ghost hunters do their job… until it gets to an extreme. Then they have no choice but to run in fear for their lives. A case that sent shivers down their spine is the Gloucestershire pub with the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge.

The Ancient Ram Inn has been transformed from an inn to a tourist attraction after its reputation as a hot spot for paranormal activity. John Humphries owned the inn up until he died in 2017. The building made an appearance on Most Haunted, a British paranormal reality television series.

According to rumors, the inn builds on an ancient pagan burial ground with witchcraft activities and devil worship. People claim that many murders and deaths occurred in the inn. The spirits of deceased tourists still lurk in the building, and they are not shy to make themselves heard.

This place was intriguing to the ghost hunters, and they left on a mission to invalidate the rumors. Ferguson and his team decided to spend a night at Ancient Ram Inn.

They had to cut their plans short as the paranormal experiences left the seasoned team of ghost hunters too shell-shocked to continue, and they escaped two hours early.

“I am not normally on edge during investigations but this place felt very eerie and sinister I kept seeing this thing floating above us, it seemed to be following us around.

“At one point we heard someone say the word ‘Jinn’ which is Arabic for ‘spirit’ or ‘demon’. I saw mist coming towards me, felt a hand on my neck, and heard all kinds of noises I couldn’t explain.

“There were so many banging sounds, and we even heard a dragging sound above us, but there was nobody upstairs,” Ferguson said.

The ghosts have a foul mouth. The 37-year-old states: “At one point the room grew very dark, and we heard a very clear ‘f*** you’ in a disembodied man’s voice – but we were the only men in the house.

“The worst was when I felt something around my neck – nobody was there, but I felt like I was being strangled.”

That was the final straw, and they ran towards the exit. Luckily, Ferguson set up his CCTV to capture evidence of the paranormal activity, and he got footage for proof.

Ferguson and his team are safe now.

When Ferguson isn’t ghost hunting, he works as a personal trainer. After this incident, he may stick to only the comforts of the gym with tired alive people.


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