Ain’t Nobody Paying Checked Bag Fees


Budget-conscious travelers may be reluctant to pay the fees for a checked bag. They are only willing to pay for the flight ticket and go the extra mile in avoiding additional fees. If the carry-on bag doesn’t meet the requirements of 45 x 36 x 20 cm, some passengers will still find an alternative way to make it through the gate without whipping out their credit card. 

An EasyJet passenger rolled up their sleeves to prove that his hand luggage qualifies with the size requirements. A viral TikTok video shows a man kicking and squeezing his bag into the airline’s measuring tool to demonstrate that his suitcase met the criteria. His caption was: “Don’t die for EasyJet.”

His frugal behavior gave the other passengers some entertainment before boarding the flight. People were watching in anticipation of whether this cabin bag will make it through without spending an extra dime.

The airline representative put up a firm stance insisting that the bag didn’t fit the requirements. The man started kicking harder as he was in too deep and he had a point to prove. 

The stubborn customer may have used his strength to get the suitcase into the measuring tool but it soon became a problematic action. He shoved the bag too hard that it got stuck. Even if the airline representative lets him take it in the airplane, will it slip out of the compartment?

Bystanders started laughing at his struggles of removing the bag and he took it with a stride by laughing at himself. “Oh well, I’ll have to take this on board then,” the man joked.

A TikTok user replied: “Seen a guy booking into a hotel with a massive EasyJet sign today.”

Another user wrote: “The staff guy was just having a laugh knowing fine well what was about to unfold.”

Imagine saving on the baggage fees only to miss the flight. A person commented: “He’s going to miss his flight trying to get that out.”

Hopefully, the struggle doesn’t repeat on the return flight.  


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