Airbnb Features a Surprise Guest


Airbnb is a great way to find great places to stay on vacation but it doesn’t help when an uninvited visitor disrupts your stay. An Airbnb guest had a sheep waiting in their room when they arrived at their vacation rental.

Wendy Wason posted a picture of the shocking animal on Twitter with the caption: “My friend went to Wales and checked into her Airbnb and look who was waiting for her…” The photo shows a sheep standing on one of the two beds which were both neatly made and included towels folded nicely at the end of the beds.

Although it’s unsure as to exactly how the sheep got in there, social media users had a hoot with the image. One user wrote: “Makes a change from a chocolate on your pillow.”

Another person said: “That’s nice, last time I stayed in an Airbnb they left bacon, eggs, milk and orange juice in the fridge. Which I was quite impressed with.” This is definitely quite the addition to a boring rental.

Others were more interested in if the sheep came with the Airbnb and if they could rent the same space. They wrote: “I need the link to this Airbnb immediately. Absolutely willing and eager to stay in any accommodations that offer on-premises sheep!” Who wouldn’t want a cuddly friend as a nice addition to a vacation getaway?


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