Al Pacino Gets Locked Up


Crooks need a name too, and parents derive inspiration from all sorts of places — dead loved ones, films, art, nature, etc. Alpatchino Jeune, a 25-year-old ex-con, must have been named after his parent’s love for the 82-year-old actor. The iconic star may have been one of the most influential actors of the 20th century but this criminal falls a tad short of his standard.

In his noteworthy list of criminal charges, Jeune has collected: “Convictions for burglary; criminal mischief; grand theft; possession of burglar’s tools; resisting; theft; and driving without a license.” As the cherry on the cake, Jeune is held accountable for a separate domestic battery charge for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.

He is in prison for failing to appear in court to address charges that he battered his pregnant girlfriend and possessed Ecstasy. He allegedly smacked his 24-year-old girlfriend in the face and stomach while she dropped him off at work in her car. Perhaps he expresses gratitude with his violent swinging body. The woman, who was six months pregnant at the time, pled for him to stop for their unborn child but he did not stop the violence.

When the car drove near an Orlando emergency room, the woman turned off the vehicle and ran away from her threatening lover. He may have stolen her heart once upon a time but he didn’t stop with that. Before her escape, Jeune stole an iPhone and purse, which held her credit cards, driver’s license, and Social Security card.

Justice was served when the cops arrested Jeune after tracing the lady’s phone to an Orlando residence, where he was spotted sitting in a parked vehicle. A closer examination of Jeune revealed marijuana, ecstasy, the stolen driver’s license and Social Security card.

Even if criminals have the actor’s name, they can still be worlds apart.


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