Alcoholics Drill Holes for Booze


Paying for alcohol is unnecessary when people have the hardware tools to break into the shop. Two men from India brought out the drill to get their liquor bottles without breaking the bank.

Everything was going according to plan; they broke into a liquor shop by drilling holes into the wall and stole the bottles to sell for money. Plans took a detour when they couldn’t resist the alcohol temptation and decided to pop the bottles at the shop before running away.

Unfortunately, the cops cut their pre-game short as their over-confidence enabled the police to catch them red-handed. A video on Twitter shows the cops confronting the guilty criminals demanding them to exit through the hole. The police officers shine a flashlight towards the dark hole and the crooks finally slip out of their drilled hole.

In our messy world with questionable decisions, cops comfort criminals and get pointers on how to execute a crime. We don’t want the law offenders too scared since that will discourage them from repeating their offenses.

A user replied: “I love the way the police handled them. For ppl who don’t understand [Tamil], the police were saying things like ‘get out slowly n carefully… Don’t be scared. After they got out, police were asking them how they made that hole. Matured and well-trained policemen.”

Where is the front entrance, though? As one user pointed out: “But why didn’t police get them out through the shop shutter or something… why make them crawl again?”

The stolen money was retrieved by the officers, leaving the men searching for a new shop to drill to redeem their funds.


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