Alligator Delays Flights at Airport


Flight delays have become the norm at airports across the world. Oftentimes, the delays can be attributed to the excessive amount of passengers traveling so it’s not every day that an alligator is actually the one to blame for the problem.

A flight arriving at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina was briefly delayed by an unusual hazard on the taxiway. An alligator was minding his own business taking to the taxiway as a shortcut to cut across the airport.

Credit: John Moroney

John Moroney was a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight that was arriving from Atlanta, Georgia, when he spotted the creature and snapped a picture from his window seat. The alligator was on the taxiway when his plane arrived around 7 p.m. on August 27, 2022.

According to Moroney, the pilot came over the speaker to announce that the plane would be slightly delayed getting into the airport while they waited for the alligator to cross the taxiway.


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