Alligator Visits North Carolina Drive-Thru


Customers at a fast-food restaurant were shocked after a hungry alligator showed up for breakfast. In a video taken by Bart Gore and posted on Facebook by his wife Stacy, the alligator is seen making his way up the sidewalk towards the restaurant entrance.

Bart was waiting in the Bojangles drive-thru during their morning rush and noticed the gator crossing the parking lot and heading towards the building. “I was quite surprised. It didn’t seem like anyone really noticed him at first,” he said.

The alligator eventually “laid down on the concrete” in front of the restaurant as if waiting for its order. “Once people finally noticed (it), they kept plenty of space between him and them. I filmed for just a moment and then continued on up to the speaker to order my breakfast,” Gore said.

The Charlotte-based fast-food restaurant is known for its spicy fried chicken and seasoned fries, which may have caught the attention of the wild alligator. Gore also believes that the gator made his way from the pond located across the street from the restaurant.

Stacy Gore posted the video on the This is Oak Island, NC Community page sharing what her husband witnessed that morning and has received several reactions since. The video included the caption: “This little guy made picking up breakfast interesting for my husband this morning.”

One user wrote: “Somebody get that gator a biscuit he’s hungry.”

Another commented: “He just needs his coffee. I look the same before mine too.”

American alligators are native to southeastern North Carolina and can reach up to 13 feet long in their adult years.


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