Angel Transforms Into a Devil


Beauty is skin-deep so are the bandwagoners ready to hop on the latest cosmetic procedure? Stop dwelling on the imperfections and hand your life savings to the professionals. The cosmetic surgeons are the experts in the field as they went through lengthy med school to learn the techniques behind turning witches into princesses. We naturally assume they must be able to execute surgeries to a high standard.

Unfortunately, not all surgeons are competent in their jobs. A lady in Australia becomes a cautionary tale for women who seek cosmetic fixes to cover up their physical insecurities. Jessie Carr, a 22-year-old woman, went in for a fox eye procedure designed to lift the outside corners of the eyes and pull them slightly outwards to give off the impression of almond-shaped eyes.

Carr took the plunge hoping for youthful eyes and a new shape to her gaze. She walked out of the surgery room with something radically different. Carr had horns popping out on the sides of her face. She resembles an alien more than a model. This surgery was indeed out of this world.

The cosmetic trauma isn’t over yet. Carr’s face was swollen after the surgery and she noticed the left side of her face, where the threads were inserted started to change to a darker pigment. The cosmetic surgeon gave her a steroid injection to treat and reduce the appearance of the black scars.

Carr shared a video on TikTok with a glimpse of her face after the surgical procedure. The TikTok user became a star with horns as her updates gathered millions of views.

People on the platform had a few words of wisdom to tell her. One user wrote: “Babes it’s lawyer time.”

Another user commented: “Your naturally beautiful, I don’t understand why young ladies do these procedures. I’m not lecturing because you’re paying the price, I wish you well.”

Carr will have to hire a legal team or embrace her inner beauty.

The pursuit of physical perfection did not give her an enhanced appearance. It just sent her dates running the opposite way.


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