Arby’s Manager Accused of Urinating in Milkshake Mix


A man is accused of urinating into the milkshake mix at an Arby’s restaurant while working as a manager. The contaminated mix was served to around 30 or 40 people at the Mill Plain Arby’s in October 2021.

Authorities announced that they obtained footage of the night manager, Stephen Sharp, urinating into a milkshake mix container. Sharp was working alone in the restaurant that night and verified the incident with police. He said that he did it for “sexual gratification.”

On the day Sharp contaminated the milkshake mixture, another manager at the Arby’s told detectives that the restaurant sold at least one ice cream float and about 30 to 40 milkshakes. Sharp claimed he was “almost sure” he threw the bag after urinating in it.

“The Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit has not located evidence that Arby’s or its franchisee was aware of the abhorrent actions of Stephen Sharp,” Vancouver Police Sgt. Julie Ballou said.

Originally, police found evidence that the Arby’s mix had been contaminated after their Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit began investigating Sharp over allegations of possessing and selling photos and videos of child pornography. At least one image had been downloaded within close proximity to the Arby’s restaurant Sharp worked at.

According to police, Sharp confessed to downloading and distributing the images and has since been booked with four charges related to child pornography. The investigation remains ongoing.


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