Armboxing for the Macho Man


Introducing armboxing for the athlete who has the upper body strength to knock their opponent down. You can even be in a wheelchair for this competition and still take the trophy home.

Russians have taken the art of boxing and added a twist that most would not see coming. In this combat sport, two men are seated facing each other while being chained to a podium. Their dominant hands are stuck together while the other hand takes on the fighting.

This style of boxing caters to fighters who have weak legs or lazy to run around the ring. Armboxing restricts the body parts that they can move and the upper body does all the action. Boxers are already at a heightened risk of brain damage, facial injuries and hand and wrist injuries. This challenge poses a greater risk as those are the main target areas of this tournament.

The competition has three rounds, with each round consisting of one minute. If both fighters proceed to the third round, the finale will end off with a bang. The boxers will have their dominant hands released and battle it out with both fists.

There are TikTok videos featuring boxers giving a rigorous fight with their armboxing skills.

A TikTok user replied: “This is how all presidential debates should go.” That’s not a bad idea; head injuries can straighten out the politician’s intentions and settle political disputes.

People love a good fight. One commentator wrote: “Idk what this sport is, or where it’s been all my life. But it is now my favorite.”

A user added: “How it feels to be a thumb in thumb wars.”

At least, the lower body is intact for their lovers.


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