Attempted Burglary Turns Into Rescue Mission


When an attempted burglary turns into a rescue mission you know that something must have gone horribly wrong. A Georgia man became trapped in a vent when he tried to crawl down through it from a strip mall roof into a pizza restaurant.

Police reported that emergency responders needed to cut open the vent where it extended upward from a pizza oven at a Little Caesars restaurant. Brittany Davis, who works as a U.S. Army recruiter near the restaurant, heard the man yelling for help when she arrived at work. She called 911 after she looked on the roof but didn’t see anyone.

Davis said a Little Caesars employee told her he could hear the man’s voice coming from inside the oven. She went inside the pizza restaurant and spoke to the man, who reported he was in pain and having a panic attack.

“I’m not sure what time the restaurant closes at night but the oven still gives off heat after they close I imagine. For him to get down into the pipe… he had to do it in a certain window of time when the oven was cool enough and obviously nobody was there,” DeKalb County Fire Cpt. Jason Daniels said.

After being removed by firefighters, the man was taken to a hospital and the extent of his injuries was unclear. Police also did not identify him or announce any criminal charges.


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