Aura Bora Introduces Green Bean Casserole Seltzer

Getting enough hydration throughout the day can be a challenge, so it’s fun to change things up to increase water consumption. Aura Bora launched a new flavor of seltzer that no one saw coming: Green Bean Casserole.

Customers are encouraged to drink their veggies with the brand’s latest innovation. In their secret menu, the Green Bean Casserole seltzer can has the following product description: “Like a ripe green bean, it bursts with sweet, succulent, and buttery goodness!” For only $33 per case, you can put your taste buds through a unique form of torture.

Credit: Aura Bora

Aura Bora co-founder and CEO said: “Everyone knows side dishes are the best part of a Thanksgiving meal. So we upped the ante. Green Bean Casserole was inspired by Aura Bora superfans, who LOVE daring and unassuming sparkling water flavors. We like to say, ‘Our Green Bean Casserole is better than your mom’s.’ I hope you think so too.” Moms, don’t throw your spatulas after this insult. Your homemade cooking has to be better than this mix of questionable chemicals.

For people who get hyped to try new drinks, the Green Bean Casserole will be available through Aura Bora’s next Secret Menu.

Source: https://aurabora.com/pages/secret-menu-press