B.C. Salmon Farm Invaded by Sea Lions


A salmon farm in British Columbia, Canada, is dealing with a “breach event” after a group of thieves brazenly slipped into the farm to steal the fish.

Cermaq, who operates several industrial fish farms across Canada and other countries, claims that dozens of sea lions have taken over their farm. The hungry critters were able to evade netting and electric fences and have been feasting on salmon ever since.

The group Clayoquot Action has witnessed the sea lion breach. “They are having an all-you-can-eat buffet right now,” said Bonny Glambeck, a member of the Clayoquot Action society.

Efforts to deter the sea lions haven’t been going well either. Cermaq released a statement that included the “approved management efforts” to move the sea lions away from the area. They added that it’s been a “challenging” process since the sea lions have started adapting to the human’s behaviour.

The statement also included: “They have entered the pens from jumping over the stanchions.

“It is important to note that no sea lions are trapped or inhibited from exiting the farm at this time, should they choose to leave.”

Since the break-in first began, even more sea lions have joined the original group to get their feast on. Sea lions are a common mammal in the area and often hunt in groups after herring, salmon, rockfish and the occasional small sharks.

The farm can house up to 500,000 salmon at a time, although the company had already started the process of harvesting when the first sea lions arrived.

With the 14 other farms located in the area, who know what these sea lions could get up to next.


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