Baby Bobcat Mistaken for Kitten


A couple were in for quite an awakening when they discovered a “kitten” ran onto their back porch. The pair from Tennessee quickly learned that the animal was no ordinary cat.

An emergency trip to the True Rescue animal shelter in Mount Juilet confirmed that the lost “kitten” was actually a baby bobcat. “We definitely knew it wasn’t a regular kitten. It was very big — big head, big feet… wild and musky kind of smelling,” founder and executive director of True Rescue, Amy Simcik said.

According to Simcik, the kitten also had other distinctions that helped rule out a domestic kitten. The animal’s distinctive fur and vocalizations were much more similar to those of a bobcat, which doesn’t meow and will instead “chortle and make birdlike chirps” to communicate.

The shelter posted photos of the tiny, wide-eyed feline and an explanation of the incident on its Facebook page. According to the post, the baby bobcat, named Pearl, was taken to another animal rehab before being transferred to For Fox Sake Wildlife Rescue where it could interact with another bobkitten named Ruby. According to the wildlife rescue, the two kittens will be raised as siblings before being released back into the wild.

“Pearl is in great shape. She’s a little anemic, which is common for young mammals her age as the iron stores from the womb start depleting, but that’s nothing we can’t fix. She’s also a little on the thin side, but she ate very well at Walden’s Puddle and will certainly continue to do so here,” rescuers wrote.


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