Baby Girl Has Fully-Grown Tail Removed

Tails are often left to the animal kingdom but in a shocking discovery, a newborn baby girl needed to get a six-centimeter-long tail removed.

The baby was born via a cesarean section at a rural hospital in Mexico. Medical professionals were able successfully removed the one-in-a-million tail from the newborn. It was reported that “the child had no previous history of radiation exposure or infections during pregnancy” and she was born to “two healthy parents” in their late twenties.

Credit: Creative Commons

The appendage was measured to be 5.7 centimeters in length with a diameter between three and five millimeters. It resembled a rodent tail with the inclusion of a pointed end and doctors noted that the tail-like structure was covered with hair and skin.

This wasn’t an easy surgery in the least. Not only was the infant tiny but she also cried when the appendage was pinched, meaning that she had feeling in the appendage.

Surgeons performed a Lumbosacral X-ray, which is an imaging test that helps the doctor view the anatomy of the lower back, in order to remove the tail. They found no evidence of anomalies or bone structures within the tail, meaning it was a “true tail” — a benign structure composed of connective tissue, muscle and nerves.

Multiple other tests were completed to ensure the baby did not have any other problems. Nothing was found and the child was then discharged and no complications have been reported since.