Bacon Lunchbox and Other Weird Dog Names


When it comes to choosing a dog’s name, owners try to choose something that works with the pup’s personality and looks. Some spend hours trying to come up with the right name that suits their dog. There are also people out there that like to give their loyal friend a name that stands out from the crowd.

A woman who works at a dog boarding center shared the weirdest dog name she’s ever come across. She explained on Reddit that she had been working for dogs for about five years and in that time, the strangest name she’s heard was Bacon Lunchbox.

She added a few other notable mentions saying Skunk Little Big Daddy and Fluffernutter Felicia became some of her favorite dog names.

“We have had siblings named Butter and Scotch and two dogs unrelated to each other —  one named Thor and the other called Loki. There was two goldens from different families — one named Bane and the other Batman James Franco (the owner insisted on us saying the full name),” the woman wrote.

A few people also commented on the funniest names they’ve ever heard for a dog and they are definitely questions. One person said: “A doodle in my BT’s puppy class was named Bob Barker. The owners called him Bob Barker, exclusively, no nicknames. When he misbehaved and had to go in time out, the trainer would yell ‘the price is wrong, Bob!’ — it was very funny.”

Another wrote: “Someone at the dog park was yelling ‘Grandpa Jones, come!’ and a beautiful young cocker spaniel came running up to them lol.”


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