Barber Chair Hits the U.S. Open


A hairy situation occurred at the U.S. Open and it’s really not what you’d expect. Most people at the event were there to take in the best tennis players facing off against each other. Others were there for a haircut.

Two men were situated in the Arthur Ashe Stadium when some clippers and a Louis Vuitton cape were brought out to complete a much-needed haircut right in the stands. The trim happened while Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov played their quarterfinal match.

A video of the incident was posted on Twitter and apparently, they are known for pulling off stunts similar to this one. The YouTuber, JiDion, thought he’d use the U.S. Open as his backdrop for his latest prank and has accomplished the same thing at other sporting events before.

Unfortunately for the pair, tournament security didn’t find the prank funny and removed the two from the match.

“When someone saw it, security went to the two individuals. They were escorted out of their seats and then off the grounds for disruption of play,” U.S. Tennis Association Brendan McIntyre said. He also added: “There’s a first time for anything.”


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