Baseball Fan Catches Raccoon With Bare Hands


Uninvited animals showing up at sporting events has been happening for years and makes for great viral video moments online. This time, it was a University of Arkansas baseball fan that used his bare hands to wrangle a raccoon that managed to find its way to the stands between innings.

Grant Harmon was enjoying a University of Arkansas Razorbacks’ ball game as they took on the Vanderbilt University Commodores. All of that came crumbling down when a raccoon caused chaos in the stands while waiting for the eighth inning to begin.

The 24-year-old noticed the critter racing through his section and was caught on camera catching the raccoon with his bare hands by the scruff of its neck. He was met by University of Arkansas police officers who told him to throw the raccoon into the parking lot. Harmon proceeded to carry it out of the stadium and away from the commotion it just created.

Unfortunately for the home team, the raccoon didn’t become the “rally raccoon” they were looking for as the Razorbacks lost that game 9-6 in extra innings. When Harmon grabbed the raccoon, the game had been tied, with Arkansas having rallied back from losing 5-0.

Harmon did come away with a minor injury, but a medical team was able to help clean up the bite.

“I was about to walk back into the stadium, and the cop was like, ‘Uh, you need to go get a rabies shot, like, right now.’ I drove to an ER that was close by, and they gave me my first round of rabies shots last night.”


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