Bear Breaks Into Car for McDonald’s Leftovers


Animals don’t get to experience the convenience of fast food like people do so when opportunity knocks, why not invite it in.

One bear was determined to get its paws on a delicious meal by breaking into a car window to get a Mcdonald’s bag. Bears have got to eat too!

In a Facebook post shared by the Jackson Police Department in New Hampshire, the animal was dubbed the “Brazen Bruin” for its boldness to smash a window to get into a vehicle. The parked car was located at the Yesterday’s Restaurant in Jackson.

A video attached to the original post showed the bear munching away on the delicious fast food on the hood of the person’s vehicle.

Bear break-ins happen quite a bit during this time of year and the animals are very clever with their determination to get to available food. Police reminded people to not keep food in their cars. The Jackson Police Department shared photos of the incident and mentioned “‘Hungry Bear, Don’t Care'”… keep your windows up, doors locked and car clear of snacks.”

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is working to relocate the bear. “Once a bear finds a source of food, it will continue to come back to that location for years to come looking for more,” city officials said.


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