Bear Enjoys Cupcakes at Birthday Party


Sweet treats at a birthday party are always the best part of the event. A bear thought the same after it crashed a two-year-old’s birthday party in order to get a taste of some delicious cupcakes.

Rauf and Laura Majidian were hosting a birthday party for their son, Cyrus, outside of their West Hartford residence when a bear randomly emerged from the woods. Parents and other adults attending the party rushed to get everyone inside since they were suddenly put in serious danger.

“A little scared, I’m a little freaked out but everyone was safe,” Laura Majidian said.

Credit: Rauf and Laura Majidian

The animal had other plans though and was mainly focused on the contents of the picnic table. The tabletop was filled with scrumptious cupcakes that the bear chowed down on immediately. The bear was filmed as it had its way with the treats as party attendees watched through a window.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) encourages people to yell at the bear and make lots of noise to startle the animal.


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