Bear Helps Itself to Some Cake


Cake is a delicious dessert that everyone loves, including bears. Police were requested during an unusual call that involved a bear stealing a freshly baked cake from a resident’s home.

The Simi Valley Police Department shared body camera footage on Facebook of the bizarre incident. Apparently, a California resident called 911 when a bear rummaged through the ground floor of their home. She and her son were locked in an upstairs bedroom when the call was made. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife was also notified of the incident.

When officers arrived, the resident threw her keys to the awaiting deputies from an opened window upstairs so they could enter through the front door.

“As the officers entered the residence, they observed the bear in the kitchen. It appeared the bear ate a freshly baked cake and rummaged through the refrigerator,” the Facebook post read.

The bear was more than happy to treat itself to an entire refrigerator full of goodies but it was started by the officers’ entrance. It made its escape out the back door and climbed a nearby tree to sus out the situation. After around ten minutes, the bear descended the tree and left the area entirely.

Thankfully, only the cake was harmed in this situation.


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