Bear Numbs Worries With a Good High


Substance abuse gets the best of us. When the demands of life get exhausting, smoke a joint and shrug off the unsettling tricky emotions.

What happens when animals start displaying this addictive, risky behavior?

A young brown bear in Turkey was fumbling around and intoxicated after eating a huge chunk of hallucinogenic honey, also known as “mad honey.” Moderation is key as a small amount can induce a mildly euphoric state without severe side effects. No one gave this bear a measuring cup and those giant paws grabbed too much of the sweet honey.

The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said the bear was rescued by wildlife workers in a disoriented state in Duzce Province.

Veterinarians examined the bear and found the animal intoxicated after consuming a significant amount of honey made from the nectar of an indigenous species of rhododendron. The honey contains grayanotoxin, a neurotoxin that produces hallucinogenic effects when animals ingest it.

Luckily, the bingeing incident with the bear did not have him resting forever. He will be receiving treatment and returning to the wildlife for more adventures.


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