Beer Lover Robs For His Taste Buds


Why go through the hassle of purchasing beer at the counter when you can shoplift beer cases and return home with a complimentary supply?

A man walked into the Safeway supermarket, determined to quench his thirst at the expense of the store owner. According to the Seattle Police Department, the man picked up 11 cases of beer and dropped them in his cart.

The man walked towards the exit and security caught him red-handed. In self-defense, he threatened the security guard that if he didn’t step back, the man would not hesitate to pepper-spray him. The salary of the security guard was not worth the burning sensation so he instinctively stepped away to allow the robber to escape the premises.

Unfortunately for the suspect, police officers arrived at the supermarket. They spotted him across the street, fleeing the location with public transportation.

He was arrested promptly and held in custody at King County Jail for the robbery charges.

The man will be sipping on the water behind four walls. It is not all negative as chugging water is a healthier alternative than gulping down eleven cases of beer.


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